Wilke olympic Finn

The legendary Oneman dinghy built with Swiss precision.

In its 50 years of existence the Finndinghy became the number one singlehanded racing machine, worldwide.
The Finn dinghy built by Wilke Swiss Marine Composites is beeing manufactured with the same determination and top quality materials as the highly sucessfull Wingmasts.



Design and Development

The design of the Wilke Finn dinghy has been done in conjunction with Sébastian Schmidt. From the very beging the main focus was on designing a manufacturing process that allowed us to build a highly competite racingmachine to a competitive price. Before we could minimised the geometrical tolerances with regard to the rule requirements, we had to establish a a reliable, manufacturing process. This led to the splitting of the hull in threeparts as ilustrated to the right, that are being laminated seperately and than bonded together.

Construction and Materials

The hulls of the Wilke Finndinghies are all laminated with a high performance epoxy-resin (SP), reinforced with orientated Glass, and where allowed Carbon fibres. All parts are vacuum consolidated and postcured. The centerboard is a CNC-machined Aluminium pate with an optimised weight distribution and hydrodynamic shape. The Rudder is a carbon/herex Sandwich spar built by Wilke Swiss Marine Composites.

Details and Customisation

For Pullies and camcleats we trust in Harken, the Dyneema and Vectran cords are beeing supplied by Samson Ropes from USA. The boats are fully equipped with toestraps, pussypads and all necessary trimlines.

If you have a special request, we are happy to help you.

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Latest pictures from the Wilke Finn 2012