Olympic Star

The king class of Olympic sailing and the legendary two man keel yacht build with Swiss precision.

The Star is one of the most prolific keelboats in the world for a reason: it is an incredible boat to sail. Designed in 1911 by Francis Sweisguth, it has proven to be a classic in every sense. It is the oldest Olympic class, having first been used in 1932, and is still at the heart of that competition today. Supported by a worldwide association the Star as a class is one of the best organized in sailing, with over 8'000 yachts built in almost 100 year history, and 2000-plus actively racing today.


Design and development

Design of the Wilke Star boat has been done in conjunction with Sébastian Schmidt, completed with the expert's inputs from Josi Steinmayer, David Howlett and Jean-Claude Vuithier.


The colored picture shows the CFD analysis run by aero-hydro engineer Sandrine Lescaudron.

Construction and materials

The construction of the Star at Ch. Wilke Boatyard uses state-of-art materials and construction technology. High performance epoxy resins, foam core materials and high modulus multidirectional S2-glass fibres form the basis of the construction. Combined with the application of vacuum and curing at elevated temperatures produces a high quality hull. The use of special build female moulds minimizes laminate weight in the hull without compromising strenght and durability.

Details and Customisation

Based on the experience of years of sailing and the feedback of European-, World-and Olympic Champions, we redesigned cockpit and deck layout.

We are able to tailor a boat  exactly to your need. You supply us with the arrangement you wish to have, and we deliver the finished boat  directly .

That's Wilke Swiss Marine Composites for you!

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